5 Business ideas with no startup cost

From stone age to the 21st-century business has been practiced and is consider to be the fastest way to earn money. There might be a risk involve but it’s worth giving a try.

To start a business Idea plays a major role, investment is optional. There are few, No!!! a lot of businesses with zero investment. From the gamut of business ideas, top 5 ideas are listed below.


unnamedIt is considered to be the best way to earn money if you are innovative enough. It does take a lot of time but it pays off at the end. Google advertisements pay a lot of money ones you are hit on YouTube. From part time job it can become your full-time job. Note-Initially You can use smart-phone camera to record the Video and post it. Later after making some money through this platform, you can go for all professional YouTube setup.



Blogging-BannerThis is for the people who likes to write novels, poems and short stories. Without writing your day to day stuff or the stuff u experienced in diary try blogging on blogger or WordPress websites. After 5-10 blog posts, you can earn quite a lot of money through advertisements. YES!! It does Take a lot of time but you Can earn up to $2k per month depending on your content. I have some friends who earn up to $10k per month, but they have crossed all the obstacles to cover the path. Making friends with big bloggers can help you raise your bars.

3.Affiliate Marketing:

affiliate-marketing-programs-dsimIt is one of the best ways to earn money with zero investments for students who are looking for part-time jobs. Now-a-days people usually buys a lot of things online and in this case, u need to write your review and the fun part is your going to get paid for that. Becoming an affiliate member on amazon is quite good, just go down to the website and post your review for the trending products. One can earn a lot of money depending on your skills and the time invested.

4.Tuition Classes/ Home Tuition:

if you are one of the students who has a strong background in mathematics and science then you can start tuition classes at you home and can easily charge 1.5-2k rupees for each school student.

5.Record Writing:

This is a huge but tiresome work. Firstly, Create your account on all social media websites mentioning that you will charge xxx money per record…..soon you will get a lot of record book to write and you can easily charge 300 rupees per record. You got no need to write it by yourself just assign this work to 10th or intermediate students who are willing to work for you to earn. You can give them 200 rupees per record and without doing any work you will get 100 rupees per record.

With first Three you can make a lot of money but it does take time moreover a lot of time, But the last two are very easy and you can earn money instantly and easily as well. It might fetch you a small amount of money comparatively.



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